US public just stopped buying after steep price increases Sales of pink salmon fell sharply in the US following a doubling of the retail price after last season's disastrous Alaskan pack. What canners did not take into account was carryover stock and the impact of the price increase. A Seattle source said: "In some states the price went from 99c to $1.89 for the 213g can, which stopped sales. Even discounting to $1.49 made no difference." UK importers were reluctant to make heavy commitments when the new season prices were announced, taking the view that customers would walk away from pinks, which went from 49p to 79p a can (213g). Tesco own label was selling this week at 99p (pictured). After a few years of promotional effort by the major brands, it seems a setback. But with prices expected to fall again when this year's pack is marketed, the efforts to increase demand for pinks will nevertheless restart. The UK is unique in its demand for red salmon. Elsewhere pinks outsell reds by three to one, so packers may find themselves with unsold stock at a very expensive cost if the downturn in the US and here is reflected across all markets. {{M/E CANNED GOODS }}