Supplies remain plentiful with suppliers pushing weight of purchase and multipacks World tuna prices remain depressed in spite of growing demand from new markets. Trade sources have indicated that although the threat of over-fishing remains high on the agenda, it is now a remote possibility. Apart from their wide availability in most oceans, tuna fish have a natural ability to survive the most rigorous conditions. Current offers on tuna give consumers great value for money, and as one of the few canned products which shows year on year growth, the consensus across the trade is that its outlook remains excellent. Hence the investment by Princes and John West in new tuna factories. More than 60% of canned fish consumption is tuna according to Nielsen, with the emphasis on volume over value making multipacks popular. Six can multipacks have now become a permnanent line in some stores. So although tuna has seen a 13.5% lift in volumes, this extra tonnage has only generated a 1.5% lift in the value of the category as a whole [ACNielsen 52 w/e November 4 2000]. Princes, with 20% market share, has admitted that "weight of purchase" is its priority. John West's market share is 24%. Demand is being driven by the growing popularity of the light meal. The TN Sofres Family Panel found over 75% is eaten cold in sandwiches (64% and salads (13%). {{PROVISIONS }}