Retailers get set for record sales of red The build up of red salmon stocks for pre Christmas promotions is beginning with retailers placing substantial orders. Price points remain under wraps, but expectations of record sales suggest consumers will be getting some good deals, either in the form of bogofs or deep cuts. Most of the activity is going to be on 213g but orders for 418g have also increased, so there could be some dual deals offering consumers the combination of a tall can and a 213g at a discount. The first price deals should be on the shelves in two weeks' time, giving plenty of time for record sales. The Alaskan packers have supported both own label buyers and the two leading brands by giving early shipment allowances to encourage promotions. Importers are now looking to new year pink deals so consumers can be encouraged to purchase special offers at discounted prices. One issue, however, will be price points. Historically, dropping retails to unsustainable levels only confuses people. Current discussions centre on bogofs rather than, say a 49p price ticket. "It very quickly becomes the norm and consumers lose interest" said one importer. Lessons have been learnt on tuna, where prices were maintained during very low costs and multipacks prevailed. Sales increased 30% as a result and when the tuna costs returned to normal, customers were not faced with an escalation of shelf prices. {{CANNED GOODS }}