Forecasts show another large pink catch on way in south east Alaska Consumers respond well to bogofs for pink salmon talls The result of recent negotiations with North American pink salmon canners can be seen in the increased promotional activities at retail level, where bogofs have become widespread. Most have featured the 418g can or tall' as it is known in the trade. Consumer response has been good according to importers, although whether it is profitable remains uncertain. The US government has recently taken a substantial quantity of the overstocked market through its military tender system. Further action will be needed to avoid a major carryover, which would inflict serious cashflow problems on an industry which is heavily under pressure. New pack forecasts show another large pink catch in south east Alaska, but some canneries will not operate this coming season to minimise the risk of adding to inventories. l Tuna prices being quoted by high seas fleet operators are edging higher, according to sources in Bangkok, but this is attributed to the fleet owners' consortium which is intended to keep some control over fishing to avoid over supply and a resultant fall in price to uneconomic levels. Representatives from Taiwan, Japan and Korea will be meeting again shortly to review the strategy but packers expect the strict fishing quotas to continue, resulting in stable prices over the months ahead. {{CANNED GOODS }}