Princes/Heinz head to head moves closer Princes Foods' takeover of the MTFCE Mauritius tuna packing facility has heightened prospects of it coming into fiercer conflict with Heinz on the UK canned tuna market. And as The Grocer went to press on Thursday, retail buyers were expecting "stronger sales activity" from the two in the weeks ahead. Said one multiple executive: "Tuna was already an important item for Princes, but we expect this deal to take them even closer to an eyeball to eyeball clash with Heinz." The US group has, during recent years, strengthened its tuna production base with heavy investment in Ghana and the Seychelles. And CEO Bill Johnson has made it clear tuna will be one of Heinz product priorities following its £40m takeover of John West. Mauritius enjoys Lomé Convention status which gives it preferential access into the EU. This is seen as an important factor. Princes says the expertise and relationship built up over the years made MTFCE a logical choice. {{PROVISIONS }}