5% rise for tuna prices Tuna raw material prices remain firm, although a temporary weakening in the Bangkok market occurred last week as cold stores were filled to capacity. Indian Ocean skipjack prices rose 5% in spite of improved fishing, but demand from canners was higher than expected as production increased to meet promotional orders for the coming summer trade. Indian Ocean prices reached $770 a tonne against Bangkok levels of $670 a tonne. Philippine prices were also marked up slightly as more business was concluded and with hopes of some duty reductions in the US market. Rumours still persist that high level diplomatic talks have been ongoing to give help to the Philippine government in its war against terrorism in the south by way of a modest duty reduction. Keeping a watchful eye on the raw material costs will be the WTPD which continues to publicly support fishing controls to ensure prices do not fall below $700 a tonne, which they say is the minimum return needed for skipjack by fleet owners. UK retail prices have risen over the last couple of months but promotional activity has continued, so much so that consumers can expect to purchase their requirements on regular deals, mainly bogofs and multipacks. {{CANNED GOODS }}