Red set for 99p can Against expectations, a 99p price ticket for red salmon in some of the retail pre Christmas promotions seems likely. Trade sources confirm that the popular 213g can will feature prominently over the next few weeks, which will result in a sales surge if summer consumer demand is replicated. To achieve the price, importers must have used promotional funding along with early shipment allowances, which formed part of the prolonged negotiations undertaken over the past months. "It's very important we maintain the customers' interest in salmon by working with retailers to give the best possible deals," said a spokesman for one of the leading brands. Next on the agenda will be the disposal of the record pack of pink in North America this season. Here, the main thrust will be on bogofs, which have proved so popular with tuna. Another option will be 90% free flashes on the tall (418g) can. Princes featured this recently and may be tempted to repeat the offer. Sources in Seattle say that fob prices for both reds and pinks have reached rock bottom, so the likelihood of any further reduction in the New Year seem most unlikely. "We learnt our lesson last year and decided to gain substantial business for Christmas by offering very competitively. Prices cannot go lower," said one Alaskan packer. {{CANNED GOODS }}