Sales of canned fruit sales have not benefited from the foot and mouth crisis as much as fish and meats. But retailers have stepped up promotional activity and introduced new lines. The trend of natural eating has resulted in more products in natural juice being displayed. Virtually all fruits can now be purchased in syrup or natural juice', the latter invariably being apple or grape juice for reasons of economy. Using peach juice or pear juice adds extra cost and customers appear to be relaxed about the existing range, which avoids intake of extra sugar. Citrus fruits are the exception, where sugar, particularly on grapefruit segments, is the preferred specification. Exotic fruits have made headway as the public becomes more acquainted with such lines as lychees, papaya and mangoes. In the overall canned fruit sector they still account for less than 5% of the sales but are showing year on year growth. Pineapple is still a major seller as consumers find the canned product more user friendly than the fresh. Soft fruits such as strawberries are in decline, no doubt due to the year round availability of fresh and the disappointing appearance on outturn, which is an unavoidable consequence in the heat process needed for canning. {{M/E CANNED GOODS }}