Frustration among fruit importers came to a head this week as attempts to finalise new pack peach contracts ended in failure. Canners in Greece and Spain were concentrating on German buyers who suddenly moved to conclude substantial contracts for standard quality peach slices. One importer told the Grocer: "This seems to happen year after year. We talk the market for UK quality, which even for discount' labels is higher than some European buyers require, then deals are done which delay us tying up our deals."It may be the different style of trading that accounts for the present situation, as German buyers hold a virtual auction among the traders who often take sales contracts before finalising the purchase ­ a risky business on a market which is becoming more disciplined, with fewer canners operating. The overall availability this season is expected to make enough product available for the anticipated demand, but the days of gross overproduction are clearly over. {{M/E CANNED GOODS }}