Packers anxious to dispel talk of surplus According to sources in Hamburg, German discounters have already negotiated substantial deals with Greek packers for new season 1kg peach caps at prices similar to last season. UK importers feel it is too early to finalise business as both Spain and Greece appear to have a plentiful crop. Spanish growers have indicated prices comparable to last season's average. But Greek farmers are seeking a 5% rise based on estimates the total tonnage will be down. A carryover of 1kg, however, will make an increase difficult to justify, say German buyers. The UK buys mainly 500g slices and 3kg caps, and slices for catering. Carryover stocks of these are negligible, say packers, anxious to dispel talk of an industry surplus. Favourable growing conditions in both countries have avoided some of the quality problems of previous years when complaints of poor grading were widespread. Price increases on the tin plate, fuel and labour amount to 4%, say packers, who reported poor results last year as a result of extra cost incurred in fruit selection. {{CANNED GOODS }}