South Africa set to look for more business in Britain The prospect of easier EU duty restrictions is leading South African observers to predict the country's deciduous fruit canning industry will actively seek more business in the UK next season. And although it's still three months away, Anuga is set to be an even more important meeting point than usual for Cape packers and their customers. While currently the attention of the region's canneries is focused on the forthcoming northern hemisphere fruit packs, some traders are looking even further ahead to next January when quota restrictions with the UK will begin to ease. As one Cape Town executive put it on Tuesday: "The prospect of easier duty levels on certain fruit will make us more competitive in Europe and in the UK in particular." Wiehahn Victor, general manager of the country's Canning Fruit Producers Association, estimates that if EU rates are reduced as predicted, the saving across the SA industry will be equivalent to £2.5m in the first year. And given the length of the industry's campaigning for a better deal that will be seen as a major result in the Cape. {{PROVISIONS }}