Spain reprieved as Chinese fail to deliver Earlier reports that European imports of cheap Chinese mandarins were going to rise substantially seem to have either been premature or over-optimistic. Spanish packers were caught up in price battles at the end of last year when it seemed part of their traditional markets were being lost to China, but recently there has been heavy buying, suggesting that either Chinese product is delayed or may not get delivered. A source in Hamburg told The Grocer: "Any non-delivery cannot be blamed on the canners. Now that the excitement has died down, importers may be having to fill in' from Spain." Very heavy demand for fresh strawberries may delay Spanish canners from offering as prices are higher than normal. A few tentative offers were quickly withdrawn, so importers hoping to persuade canners to take early contracts will be disappointed. Canned strawberries from Spain dominate the market now Holland and the UK have reduced their capacity. It could be another two weeks before fresh market prices start to fall, according to sources in Murcia. {{CANNED GOODS }}