Shortfall in Spanish mandarins averted Spanish mandarin canners are well into the packing season. An improved supply of raw material from growers has averted a possible shortfall. The fruit is smaller and softer than usual due to the pre-season weather conditions. Smaller fruit will mean fewer broken segments. There have been reports from Murcia that canners are no longer interested in selling broken segments but as the season progresses this may change. Prices have held steady in spite of competition from China. UK traders are offering some Chinese product but with limited experience of factory controls, buyers are staying with Spain. l Recent attempts by Israel to push up grapefruit prices have proved unsuccessful, so it seems levels will be similar to last year for the 540g. A shortage of juice this season, which has forced prices up in Turkey as well as Israel, will mean the normal premium will double for segments in juice compared to syrup. Thailand continues to experience raw material problems, therefore the peak pineapple packing period has not materialised. Importers expect price rises in the New Year. {{CANNED GOODS }}