Corned beef pricing outlook is stable So far, the economic upheaval in Argentina has not seriously affected the corned beef market as Brazil has been in a good position, with plentiful cattle supplies to maintain supplies. Devaluation of the Argentinean peso was expected to lead to lower export prices, but canners were faced with having to buy their cans and meat in US dollars, which negated the effect of devaluation. The outlook generally is for stable pricing. But importers who have been negotiating for the early summer promotional period are finding South American producers reluctant to quote beyond the end of March. "There still could be a problem with cattle supplies if the economic position deteriorates in Argentina," was the comment of a canner currently on a visit to European importers. Price disparity between brands of corned beef seem to be widening, as a recent survey showed South American 340g being sold from 39p up to £1.49/can. Importers insist that the lower end of the scale represents a loss of at least 20p/can. {{CANNED GOODS }}