FMD pushes up sales of Red; no price reductions yet for Pink A surplus of Red Salmon from last season's pack could trigger some aggressive pricing as negotiations for Eastern fish promotions reach their conclusions. But sources in Seattle insist there is no weakness, and the recent surge in UK retail demand due to the foot and mouth outbreak will take up any small excess. UK importers confirm sales have been well up and shipments have been brought forward to maintain continuity of supply. The expected price reductions in pink salmon have not yet been apparent, although domestic prices in North America, which dropped a few weeks ago, have met with the required uplift in sales, according to reports from brokers. An east coast distributor told the Grocer: "The 25% price drop made an impact on sales, but there is still some way to go before we get back to last year's levels. "The packers pushed opening prices too high, and they have had to rethink their strategy." The scare stories of farmed salmon seem to have caused some confusion in customers minds so the move to feature the description 'Wild Pacific' on labels will get over the point of difference, it is hoped. A consumer survey some years ago found that 41% of people asked believed all canned salmon came from Scotland, which was fine until farming became an issue. {{M/E CANNED GOODS }}