Canadian red pack limited to small cans No fishing in Fraser River Canadian salmon packers have not had a good season for reds this year. With a predicted total run of 10 million, the country's largest run in Fraser River only saw 3.5 million returning. This means there was no commercial fishing whatever in the south. There are no halves of locally caught Canadian reds this year. Any fish caught will have been packed in 105g quarters, a Canadian niche. Any halves coming out of Canada will have been packed from Alaskan spillover fish, after a long journey. The Canadian shortage will also mean limited quantities of skinless and boneless canned salmon, a small market in the UK. However the country is looking forward to a good run on pink salmon. With such a large proportion of the Alaskan pack in talls and not halves, UK buyers will be chasing a resource which is only marginally more plentiful than last year. British buyers seeking early shipment will find there is a lot of resistance to quoting prices at the top end of the market, while best guesses for tertiary brands would be in the order of US$85. {{PROVISIONS }}