Talk down confounded Reports from Seattle that red prices have eased against the opening quotes of $30 a case for 24x213g are denied. A US trader told The Grocer: "There have been efforts by some UK buyers to talk the market down due to rumours of carryover stocks. "But these have been confounded. "And as we start the lengthy task of code inspection in the salmon terminals, we believe the overall availability will be down on last year." Last year the market opened at $37/$38 a case although it weakened later, so the $30 level seems realistic. Problems of pricing on pinks are giving packers cause for concern as UK and European importers take the view the industry would be ill advised to end up with a pack which will be difficult to move at anything like reasonable levels which show a return. It is early days, however, and sources in Seattle talk of heavy promotional deals in the North American market, which is predominantly for pinks rather than reds. {{CANNED GOODS }}