The Carbon Trust has launched a carbon reduction label designed to show how committed food and drink companies are to reducing the carbon footprint of their products.

The label will be trialled by Walkers, Boots and Innocent, with Walkers Cheese and Onion Crisps the first brand to carry the label next month.

Companies that display the label on their products will sign up to a 'reduce it or lose it' clause, meaning that if they fail to reduce the carbon footprint of the product over a two-year period, they will have the label withdrawn.

“We believe this label, with its built-in commitment to reduce the product's carbon footprint, will act as a powerful bridge connecting carbon-conscious companies and their customers,” said Tom Delay, chief executive of the Carbon Trust.

“We think that raising awareness of carbon emissions is the right thing to do,” added Neil Campbell, chief executive of Walkers. “We hope this label will empower people to make more informed choices about the products they buy.”