Carlsberg is reinforcing the Spanish heritage of its San Miguel brand with a packaging revamp and £7m marketing push.

The design across the can, bottle and multipack formats will now feature a passage of Spanish writing to capitalise on booming consumer interest in the world lager category, which has grown 36.5% in sales since 2007 [Nielsen]. The background colour of the labelling has been changed from gold to white to maximise shelf standout and the bottle neck has been lengthened to enhance its premium appeal.

A £7m heavyweight ad campaign, Not a Quick Beer, will kick off on 9 May in the brand's first marketing since it was acquired by Carlsberg last October.

The strapline would communicate a new and more premiumised brand proposition, said David Scott, customer marketing director at San Miguel.

"We want to reposition San Miguel as a beer that drinkers will devote time to savouring rather than a session beer like Carlsberg," said Scott. "By introducing more premium, European-influenced packaging we feel drinking a San Miguel will become a quality experience in itself, suitable for summer drinking. People are well-travelled and more willing to trial foreign lagers.Retailers have also done an excellent job in making such brands available."

San Miguel was the first major brand to transfer out of what was the old S&N UK portfolio after its takeover by Heineken in January 2008.