Carlsberg is now brewing beer that is both better quality and greener. The brewer has introduced new state-of-the-art fermentation technology to the brewing process at its Northampton site.

Most breweries use a two-tank fermentation process, with the beer fermenting in one and then maturating in the other.

Following a year-long trial, Carlsberg can now do this using just one tank, which the brewer said would improve product quality by creating a more even fermentation, resulting in a more consistent run and ultimately improving taste.

At the same time, Carlsberg said the switch to a single tank would deliver a considerable reduction in energy use and cleaning times, boosting efficiency.

The move is part of a multimillion-pound investment into expanding the Northampton facility, which Carlsberg said would make it the most efficient brewery in Europe.

It also marks the latest in a string of green initiatives rolled out by the Danish drinks giant over the past year. Other moves include a complete overhaul of the distribution fleet, with the introduction of more fuel-efficient vehicles, the use of a 5% biofuel mix and retraining drivers to conserve more fuel when driving.

Another key development has been lightweighting its packaging.

The weight of its glass bottles has been cut from 210g to 175g, reducing the amount of glass going to landfill by 71 tonnes per year. Carlsberg is also ensuring no waste from the brewing process goes to landfill.