Tango's tactless brand ambassador, the Tango Inside, is set to cause chaos in more young lives in a new ad for the Britvic brand. Due to hit TV screens on April 2, and backed by additional cinema, radio and press ads, this is the second phase of a campaign targeting 16-20 year olds. In the ad, a dejected young lad who has just broken up with his girlfriend, is comforted' by his friend. As Tango pours into the friend's stomach, the little face of the Tango Inside' appears. "Tell him you've been carrying on with her for months," he advises. On hearing this, the sad lad bursts into tears and the Tango Inside says smugly; "That went well I thought." "It's right on target for our core audience," said Cathryn Sleight, director of brand marketing. {{MARKETING - P&P }}