Pop babes Atomic Kitten and Big Brother winner Cameron Stout are the first celebrities to get behind Scotland’s The White Stuff ‘milk moustache’ campaign.

The project, to increase consumption of semi-skimmed milk among Scots, is being co-ordinated by the Scottish dairy industry and the Milk Development Agency.

n UK milk supply up

Despite reports that hot weather and burnt pastures had knocked back milk output in some parts of the EU, UK cows have proved resilient.

According to the Rural Payment Agency, July milk supplies grew by 2.8% and in August prices climbed again, by 3.7%.

Whether the surge in supplies, which is unusual in a rigidly-controlled quota environment, is due to a switch in milk output from the autumn to the summer will only become clear over the next three months.

Elsewhere in the EU some evidence is emerging that hot dry weather has had a more dramatic effect on milk output.

Deliveries in France, for example, fell by 3% in July and 3% in August year-on-year. Italian deliveries are also reported to be well down.