Mexican producers are becoming increasingly interested in the UK potential for tropical fruit such as mangoes and avocados. Last week an exporters' delegation sponsored by Bancomext, the country's national trade bank, arrived in London on a fact finding mission. Marco Aisporo, director of market development for Aserca, the organisation which assists agricultural exports said: "There has been a boom in exports to the US over the past five years, which has encouraged extra production. The industry is now looking for more outlets." While Mexico has one of the largest avocado crops in the world, based on the Haas, Aisporo hopes that one of its little known mango varieties, Ataulfo, could also attract the multiples because it offers a different taste. The fruit, which tends towards yellow/green, is a hybrid cross between mangoes found in Florida and Manila. They are available from February to September. Other fruit earmarked are Yellow Honeydew and Cantaloupe melons harvested between November and March, Thompson, Superior and Red Globe seedless grapes which ripen between March and June, and some citrus. Mexican pink grapefruit are sold in the UK at this time of year, filling a niche market before the Mediterranean season. Mexico also grows Key limes all year. The organic market has also created interest. Jose Luis Tunguii, which represents the 20-strong growers' cooperative Frhomimex, is expecting the 800 tonne production to continue to expand. {{FRESH PRODUCE }}