A Budgens store is delivering free Christmas puddings and £5 vouchers to thousands of homes in a bid to attract new shoppers.

Musgrave’s company-owned Budgens store in Broadstone, Dorset will carry out door-to-door vouchering to approximately 2,000-3,000 nearby homes from 11 December.

“The puddings will help us attract new customers and get them to reappraise the Budgens offer,” said store manager Nigel Hughes.

This is the second time the Broadstone Budgens is using door-to-door vouchering. The store gave away £5 vouchers with free pumpkins when it re-launched as a ‘new concept’ Budgens store in October.

“We want to create a front of mind awareness in shoppers and door-to-door vouchering with a free gift is a more unusual way of doing that,” said Musgrave marketing director Anna Burleigh.

The £5 vouchers will be valid for two weeks and can be redeemed on shops over £20.