Tesco has released a new app that can suggest what Christmas presents to buy people based on their Twitter activity.

The “Secret Scan-ta” app analyses the people and organisations that individuals follow on Twitter to work out their interests and what presents they might like. The app suggests products from the Tesco Boost range, which includes technology and homeware.

Users simply enter the Twitter handle of the person they are buying for and the app will return a list of gifts. Once users select a product the app links directly to the Tesco Clubcard website to complete the transaction.

The app is open to anyone, but promotes the Clubcard Boost loyalty scheme by doubling the value of Clubcard vouchers used towards purchases made through the app.

“Christmas, although a happy season, can often bring with it panic and stress of buying gifts,” said Tesco digital marketing manager Katie Aust.

“This campaign gives the buyer get a bit of genuine insight into what the recipient is really interested in, resulting in a personal, and thoughtful gift. It also promotes the huge offerings of the Tesco gifting range and the benefits of joining Clubcard and boosting vouchers.”

Each week, five randomly-selected app users will receive 5,000 points and one user will win a Samsung Galaxy S5 for Christmas by using the app. Social media agency We Are Social created the app, which is due to run for three weeks and is available on mobile as well as desktop.