The arrival of new season potatoes is unlikely to make chips cheaper, according to the British Potato Council.

Prices paid for potatoes by fish and chip shops and, to a lesser extent, supermarkets, are expected to keep rising despite tight supplies of good quality potatoes giving way to the higher-priced new crop.

At the end of March, the average spot price for potatoes was 54% up year-on-year at more than £185/tonne. The month-ahead future price in London was up at £203/ tonne.

But price inflation slowed to just 3% in March, and the market is putting the brakes on further price rises, according to Rob Burrow, market analyst at the BPC.

"Chip shops have faced price increases recently, but there has been resistance to increases," he said. "We are likely to carry on seeing overall average price increases, but there are wide differences in price inflation between poorer quality potatoes and best quality."