The British Cheese Board has launched a campaign with celebrity chef Gary Rhodes to educate consumers about country-of-origin labelling on Cheddar.

The Check Your Cheddar campaign is encouraging shoppers to check whether Cheddar is labelled "made in" or "produced in" the UK and not to assume it would have been, just because it is a British classic. "If a cheese doesn't say where it comes from on the label, then it probably isn't from the UK," the BCB said.

The campaign comes after a "mini-investigation" by the BCB last month showed five of the UK's 12 major supermarkets did not disclose country of origin on their lowest-tier own-label Cheddars.

Last year the UK imported 130,000 tonnes of Cheddar cheese, of which 111,000 tonnes came from the EU and were sold simply as "Cheddar", the BCB said. Most Cheddar imported into the UK comes from Ireland.