The company behind plans for the first-ever all-cheese snacking bar has gone into administration.

Bedfordshire-based Casa Verde Foods, which employed four staff, has ceased trading and director Aldo Valerio appointed administrators on 26 July.

Valerio's two former co-directors, Daniela Bagnoli and Anthony Davison, resigned in June.

Casa Verde had planned to unveil its cheese bar in the autumn. It was described by director Daniela Bagnoli in March as "similar to a Cadbury Dairy Milk bar, where you have little chunks of cheese in a bar and people can tear it off and offer it to a friend". It had planned to market the product as a regional Bedfordshire cheese, predicting £1m first-year sales.

Casa Verde Foods was in the process of setting up the business in buildings on Unilever's Colworth Estate when it was placed into administration.