A packaging manufacturer aims to shake up the dairy category with a new microwaveable pack for cheese.

Sealed Air's idea is to tap into shoppers' growing desire for convenient food with an interesting twist by pitching the concept at products such as tapas.

It launched the idea at the Nantwich Cheese Show last week with packs of smoked halloumi cheese and breaded camembert.

The Dar-Fresh pack is already available in the meat aisles of Morrisons stores, where it is used for heatable snacks containing chicken and fish.

The extension to the dairy aisle is a conscious effort to drive innovation in what is still quite a conservative market, according to application specialist Richard Griffiths.

"The pack is easy to open and another key factor is that it self-ventilates. It's impossible for these packs to blow up."

Labels can be applied directly to the packaging with instructions for preparation, which takes around 15 seconds.