Dairy Farmers of Britain (DFB) is launching a milk brand called Definitely Cheshire as part of its ambitions to become a major player by persuading consumers to form an ‘emotional connection’ with British farmers.
Definitely Cheshire follows the launch of Definitely Yorkshire, with more regional milk brands being planned for around the country. The one and two-litre products,
available in polybottles in semi-skimmed and whole milk, are made using milk supplied by local dairy farmer members in Cheshire. The DFB co-operative, which is owned by 3,250 farmers, announced plans in October to move into branded produce in milk, cheese, yoghurt and crème frâiche under the DFB label and Farmers Best sub-brand.
DFB said Definitely Cheshire would appeal to consumers who wanted to support local farmers and were committed to reducing the amount of ‘food miles’ that fresh produce has to travel. It has initial listings with United Co-operative stores within the county. Alaisdair McConachie from United Co-op said: “We are pleased to be providing customers with foods produced on their own doorstep.”