Young's is to launch a major marketing push for its deep skin wild Alaskan pollock.

Alaskan pollock is part of the company's revamped £56m Chip Shop range of fish products, which is also being relaunched under the strapline 'It's Better for You.'

The campaign will focus on the benefits of pollock as a natural source of Omega-3 and will be marketed to consumers as a healthy fish product for families.

A TV ad will be launched on Good Friday, while in-store promotions will include tastings, PoS and shelf barkers. Redesigned packaging will highlight the fact the products now contain less than 5% saturated fat following a switch to a sunflower oil blend last year. The Young's Fish for Life and MSC logos will flag up sustainability. The Easter campaign is part of a £5m, year-long promotional push for the brand.

The move comes as rival Birds Eye also puts pollock at the centre of its NPD for 2008.

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