Cider giants Bulmers and Gaymer Cider Company are greeting the more clement weather with the launch of two new fruit ciders.

Heineken UK-owned Bulmers is rolling out Summer Blend on 1 April as a limited edition. It is a combination of apples and pears and lighter in both flavour and colour than Bulmers Original and Pear ciders.

The launch would be supported by a heavyweight outdoor ad campaign in April and June, said brand manager Doug Cook, and Bulmers would roll out another limited edition cider for autumn.

Meanwhile, Gaymers Pear Cider with Berry Fruits (rsp: £1.89 each/£4.29 for a four-pack) will launch later this month, containing strawberry, blackberry and blackcurrant juice.

Fruit flavours would be "one of the biggest areas for growth" in 2010 in cider, predicted MD Peter Spencer.