The proposed tobacco display ban will be the “most costly and disruptive” in the world, the Association of Convenience Stores has warned, after MPs yesterday voted in favour of the move.

MPs backed plans to ban the display of cigarettes in shops, as well as cigarette vending machines, as part of the new Health Bill.

“Ministers have proposed regulations that are the most inflexible of their type anywhere in the world,” said ACS boss James Lowman. “It makes a mockery of the repeated reassurances that ministers have made to Parliament and businesses that they will take a light-touch approach to compliance.”

He added: “We remain convinced that if MPs were presented with credible alternatives to this measure, such as proper deterrents to those that are complicit in giving tobacco to children and effective measures to tackle the illegal trade in communities, they would agree that the display ban is unnecessary.”

Small stores pay for tobacco display ban (Convenience Store, 13/10/09)
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