Australian alcoholic spring-water DNA is being relaunched three years after it was withdrawn from the UK at the height of a media campaign against alcopops. Introduced by importer Euroimpex at the London International Wine Fair in 1996, DNA was backed by an autumn TV advertising campaign. But it subsequently dropped out of the UK market following intense media and consumer pressure against alcopops that were said to target the young. Distributor New Age Brands believes the climate is now right to reintroduce the product which has achieved worldwide sales of 3.5 million cases. Global sales are predicted to double next year. The brand is owned by Southstate Food and Beverages and has been successfully exported to Japan and the US. The product is a mix of lime, thyme, spring water and alcohol which sells in 330ml screwtop bottles, retailing at £1.19. New Age Brands is talking to a UK buying group and hoping to set up an exclusive deal. It plans to support the brand with a promotional campaign this year. {{DRINKS }}