Clipper is broadening its horizons yet again, this time with a health-positioned hot drink for kids.

The company, best known for its range of teas and Fairtrade drinks, has come up with Clipper Kidz-T.

The drink is a blend of natural banana flavour, organic pineapple pieces and organic Honeybush and Redbush with a “naturally sweet” taste.

Retailing at £1.29 for a pack of 20 bags, the company will be making great play of the fact that the brew contains 93% organic ingredients. Packs also feature a nine-point checklist on the front which flags up the drink’s health credentials such
as being free from gluten, caffeine and artificial sweeteners.

The company said the newcomer was “aimed squarely at the mainstream” and would offer a change to other soft drinks. “Mothers in South Africa have known Redbush and Honeybush are ideal for babies and children for centuries.

“Both are pacifying so Kidz-T is great to have at night. It is also suitable for all free-from diets and can be drunk any time of the day.”