Wyke Farms plans to introduce the Clothier family name at retail level with the launch of its Ivy Clothier's Special Reserve.

The 'top tier vintage' cheese is named after current MD Richard Clothier's grandmother. The company, which is currently in discussions with retailers, hopes the cheese will be in-store from late summer.

Made using a 100-year-old recipe, the cheese will be presented in an embossed box decorated with photographs of the family.

"This vintage Cheddar is everything a good Cheddar should be," said Clothier. "It has been nurtured for just the right time to produce a complexity of flavours that tantalise the taste buds with a sharp tang followed by a mellow smoothness."

The cheese has previously been supplied to specialist delis and restaurants but never before to retailers.

Although the target consumer of the 200g pack will be the cheese connoisseur, Clothier said the retail price would not be excessively expensive.