The Co-operative Group’s own-label vine tomatoes are set to become the first product to be sold in new packaging designed to extend the shelf life of fresh produce by up to two days.

The packaging features smaller perforation holes that have been scientifically proven to extend the life of the product by controlling the amount of moisture in the packs.

Packaging supplier Paragon worked on creating and strategically placing the perfect number and size of holes for maximum shelf life. The holes have been created using a computer-guided laser-cut perforation technology called ‘Modified Moisture Packaging’.

“We know how important it is to our shoppers to make the most of their family budgets and to reduce the amount of wasted food at home, so anything that can extend the shelf life of a product can only be a good thing,” said Co-op Group environment manager Iain Ferguson.

“This simple solution enables customers to keep tomatoes at home for up to two days longer than before, which is a great achievement by Paragon’s scientists.”