Coca-Cola is lining up its new energy drink Burn on the grid against soft drinks rivals GSK and Red Bull, with sponsorship of the Lotus F1 team.

A logo for the energy drink, a red flame, will feature on Lotus’ F1 race cars as part of the deal, which starts in January 2013.

Coke said it had signed a multi-year sponsorship, although full details have not yet been revealed.

The deal puts Coke head-to-head with Lucozade and Maximuscle’s sponsorship of McLaren, and the Red Bull team, which hopes to add the drivers’ title to the constructors’ championship this weekend in Brazil.

“The creativity of teams and the passion for speed and energy that fuel the sport of Formula 1, make a partnership with this iconic sporting property a compelling proposition for the Burn brand”, said Emmanuel Seuge, group director, worldwide sports and entertainment marketing at Coca-Cola.

“We will bring that same creativity through Burn, incorporating art and music in a way that will break the conventions of traditional Formula 1 sponsorship marketing.”