Wrap has told consumers to re-heat cups of cold tea and coffee to cut back on the £12bn of food and drink thrown into our rubbish bins every year.

The government waste watchdog has for the first time calculated the amount of drink thrown away in the UK, causing it to revise its figure of food waste in 2007 from £10bn to £12bn. Just throwing away tea wastes £110m every year, the Daily Telegraph reported.

Wrap retail director Richard Swannell said: “The key thing is not the money saved with reheating the odd cup of tea, but there is quite a lot of energy that goes into producing that cup – if you go back along the supply chain, to the growing of the tea bushes, the processing at the tea plant, the packaging, the distribution to the retailers."

The study showed that 15% of the average family’s shopping basket gets chucked away.

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