The makers of a new juice range claim it tastes as good as fresh ­despite its five-month shelf life.

Coldpress ambient juices are produced using high-pressure processing rather than the high-temperature flash pasteurising used to make most ambient juices. Brand owner Closed Loop an Australian recycling and packaging company that established a food arm in 2004 claimed this gave better taste, aroma, colour and nutritional value.

“Boiling away flavours, colours and aromas means conventional juice brands cannot promote the varieties of their apples or ­oranges because, frankly, there’s no subtlety,” said Coldpress head of brand Matthew Fearnley. “We ­believe we’re a UK first. With Coldpress, a Pink Lady drink actually tastes like a Pink Lady apple. The same goes for Golden Delicious.”

Coldpress launched three lines of its seven-strong range into 200 Waitrose stores two weeks ago and is looking to roll out to other supermarkets, coffee shops and delicatessens later this year.

The juice range is made from fruit sourced largely from Europe. It comprises Golden Delicious apple, apple & passion fruit, Pink Lady apple, apple & strawberry, apple & lemon, apple & raspberry and Valencia ­orange variants. The juices are available in 250ml (rsp: £1.35) and 750ml (rsp: £2.70) formats and a five-litre bag-in-box for food service.

Longer shelf lives reduced waste and meant ­retailers retained more margin, said Mike Ashton, joint MD of Enterprise Brands, which sells long-life smoothies on behalf of Fruit Hits, a Natural Beverage Company brand.