Lever Fabergé’s Comfort brand is bidding to bolster its position over rival Procter & Gamble’s Lenor by being the first to market with fabric conditioner capsules, The Grocer can reveal.
The laundry giant will be aiming to add value and sales to the category and replicate the success of the liquid capsule format that has scored such a hit in the main wash category.
Liquid capsules are the fastest growing segment within main
wash, with sales up 14.9% year-on-year (Focus on household goods, The Grocer, January 31), while Lever Fabergé stablemate Persil has seen sales of its liquid capsule format rise 9.6% to nearly £39m (The Grocer Top Products Survey, December 13 2003).
The innovation should ensure that the Comfort brand continues its current growth.
Sales of Comfort standard liquid have increased by 5.3% to £73.7m with additional sales of the concentrated version passing the £31m mark last year - up by 3.7%.