A UK homeless charity has launched a campaign highlighting the high number of alcoholic units in super-strength lagers.
The campaign, being run by Thames Reach Bondway, focuses on the fact a single 500ml can of 9% abv lager contains 4.5 units of alcohol, which is in excess of the government’s recommended daily safe alcohol limit of a maximum of four units for men and three for women.
Jeremy Swain, Thames Reach Bondway’s chief executive, said: “Our intention is to highlight the impact that the super-strength lager phenomenon has developed over the past 20 years in the UK and the unacceptable cull of deaths hastened through consuming these products.
“We need support and help from the breweries and government to end the easy availability of 9% lagers and to accept the cost of cheap, super strength lager, is in human terms, simply too high.”