A bilateral trade agreement between Brazil and the US has increased Brazilian beef prices. The new deal will allow 65,000 tonnes of beef to enter the US under a quota system, boosting Brazilian exports.

EU pork prices fell for the first time since May in October, due to a slowdown in exports to China and a fall in domestic demand. In August, EU pork exports fell for the second consecutive month. However, they remained up 27% year on year at 180,000 tonnes.

Prices for NZ lamb increased last month due to a reduction in supplies throughout October, when good pasture growth encouraged farmers to hold on to their lambs. They also remain high year on year as a result of the weak sterling.

UK turkey prices have started to increase as suppliers start to secure volumes ahead of Christmas. In September, slaughterings were up 10% year on year at 1.3 million birds, while turkey chick placings fell 21% year on year to 1.7 million.

Wholesale prices
Meat and Poultry Price in GBP per tonne m-o-m % y-o-y %
Beef (foreqtr, BR) 1980 6.60% 54.20%
Pork (DK) 1301.8 -0.20% 33.80%
Lamb (NZ) 3374 14.70% 30.30%
Chicken (UK) 1326 2.20% 15.40%
Lamb (UK) 3874 -1.10% 14.90%
Pork (UK) 1449 2.90% 13.70%
Chicken (NL) 1617 4.70% 11.30%
Beef (deadweight, FR) 2614 3.60% 10.30%
Beef (deadweight, UK) 3518 -1.10% 1.60%
Turkey (frozen, UK) 2787 1.30% -0.50%

Info: All prices are indicative only and are representative within the country quoted.

Source: Mintec