Coldwater prawn prices are up 26.8% year on year due to high demand and lower year-on-year production in Greenland and Canada. Strong demand has also driven a 22.5% rise in UK plaice prices, despite higher production in the North Sea as a result of an increased quota.

Whiting is up seasonally 61.6% month on month due to higher sea temperatures, which cause the fish to migrate further North, leading to lower supplies on the UK market.

Cod prices are up 17.1% year on year, with a 10% year-on-year reduction on the 2015 total allowable catch putting pressure on supplies.

salmon prices, meanwhile, are down 24.1% as a result of higher sea temperatures, which have driven good salmon growth and mean produce is coming to market earlier.

Haddock prices have fallen 36% month on month and remain lower year on year as a result of the weak euro, which is limiting demand as buyers wait for prices to stabilise.