Tuna prices have fallen sharply over the past year thanks to successful fishing in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean. At the same time, tuna stocks in cold storage in Bangkok are currently at a good level, helping to keep a lid on prices.

As a result, yellowfin prices are down 20.1% year on year and down 1.1% over the past month. Skipjack tuna has fallen even more dramatically - at 687/tonne, prices are currently 55.6% cheaper than they were this time a year ago, and down by nearly 5% over the past month.

Prices are also down on a year-on-year basis for mackerel, whiting, sardines and cod, while farmed salmon prices from Norway have stayed roughly stable, dipping by 0.2% over the past year.

Meanwhile, the prices of coldwater prawns have risen both month on month and year on year after cuts were announced to the Canadian fishing quota.