Hazelnut prices have hit an all-time high following a damaging frost in spring 2014. However, demand remains strong despite the 68.6% year-on-year price increase. 

Cashews, meanwhile, have been relatively cheap compared with other nuts. This has resulted in an increase in demand, which, together with scarce European supplies, has pushed cashew prices up 18.1% year on year.

European sultana prices have fallen 17.2% year on year due to strong Turkish dried grape production in 2014/15, at nearly 330,000 tonnes. UK currant prices are also down 32.4% year on year.

Dried apricot prices have fallen 5.4% month on month in the UK, though they remain seasonally very high, up 73.4% year on year, as a result of low production in Turkey.

In India, pepper prices declined 9.2% month on month due to increased supplies in Kerala. However, prices remain up 14.4% year on year.

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