The price of some key egg products remains significantly higher than a year ago, even though they have eased somewhat over the past month. At £678.6/tonne, shell eggs for processing are now up 22.4% year on year, in response to the EU layer flock becoming smaller. The same dynamics are also pushing up liquid egg white, which are currently up 19.9% on last year.

By contrast, shell egg prices in the UK continue to ease - they are currently down 10.1% year on year and down 1.3% month on month - with powdered egg prices also on a downward trend.

Key dairy commodity prices also keep tumbling: whole milk and skimmed milk powder are both down by about 10% each, as global production of powders is expected to increase in 2014. Meanwhile, butter prices in the UK have fallen by just over 20% year on year as a result of strong milk production, much of which has been turned into butter.

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