tea bag

Kenyan tea prices have risen on strong demand. Prices were also supported by recent auction quantities staying below values of previous years, which indicates lower production in coming months.

Concerns over lower arabica coffee production in 2017/18, coupled with stronger Brazilian real and a shortage in the robusta market, have supported prices in recent months. Global production for the current 2016/17 season will increase 9% year on year to 94.1 million 60kg bags on the back of a record crop in Brazil.

Cocoa prices fell due to expectations that the global market will experience a supply surplus in the current 2016/17 season. Favourable weather conditions for crop development in West Africa since August are also supporting the lower price.

RisersPrice in GBP per tonnem-o-m %y-o-y %
Electricity/Power (In GBP/MWH) (UK) 66 13.3% 71.9%
Copper (LME) (UK) 4348 12.8% 37.9%
Palm kernel oil (EU) 1146.1 9.7% 115.90%
Tea (KE) 3,021 4.5% 18.3%
Coffee - Arabica (ICE NY) (US) 2,903 2.1% 64.8%
Key Monthly Falls Price in GBP per tonne m-o-m % y-o-y %
Cocoa butter (UK) 5,507 -10.8% 17.6%
Sugar (London ICE) (UK) 441.6 -8.3% 66.8%
Diesel (EU) 344 -7.9% 20.2%
Cocoa beans (London ICE) (UK) 2026.5 -7.7% -10.0%
Cocoa powder (UK) 1611 -4.10% -11.0%