Edwin Booth, chairmanEH Booth Area management told us to create a commotion at as many Asda store checkouts in the area as possible' Safeway source during the "dirty tricks" campaign following the Admatch promotion If it takes more than two seconds to understand a product, the Americans won't go for it' Steve Dawson, president of Food from Britain, North America We believe wholeheartedly and sincerely in partnership, but not with those who shake hands with a razor blade in the palm' Mike McGee on suppliers who favour the multiples over wholesalers Rollback has become part of British parlance and has transformed everyone's way of thinking' Allan Leighton It is more of a gimmick to appeal to the City and has nothing to do with best practice wholesaling' FWD's Alan Toft on Somerfield's deliveries to village stores The past few years have undoubtedly knocked the stuffing out of you as we have sought to fight our way out of the problems we are in' Kevin McCarten's farewell to Sainsbury's colleagues If it isn't Rip-off Britain it will be another issue simply because of who we are, and the nature, if you like, of the beast' Joanne Denney IGD {{NEWS }}