Feelings are running high among suppliers about the prospect of ex factory gate pricing being implemented by Tesco and Sainsbury ­ and possibly other retailers ­ this year, according to the IGD which recently canvassed industry views on the subject. "We found suppliers are receptive to the idea of change ­ in fact the majority (98%) feel more efficiencies are needed in the supply chain. "But they feel it would be helpful if retailers sat down and talked openly with them about the issues," says business analyst Neil Finegan. The IGD's questionnaire on ex factory gate pricing/backhauling generated one of its best ever responses. "People clearly feel strongly about the issue," says Finegan. "We found the level of understanding was high (90%), with less than half (45%) saying it would have an impact on their business, while the majority (97%) felt it would have some impact on the industry as a whole. "From this, it's clear that people feel ex factory gate pricing will cause substantial change in the industry, but don't necessarily feel that it will touch them. "This is understandable when you consider the majority (78%) contract out transport operations, with most suppliers saying they have between one to three years left on their contracts." The IGD has lined up Tesco, Sainsbury, Safeway and Marks and Spencer to discuss the issues in a one day conference on February 21. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}